Awkward Family Photos- Solo Edition

Now I can’t take credit for this, and I can’t find who actually took this press shot from way back in the day and added a touch of brilliance to it… but for all to enjoy:


I’m going to to ahead and say- Carrie Fisher- you are beautiful :-) Her smile sells this as the family photo in my mind!

Anyway- my apologies for not getting a release timeline for the novel(s)- my paying priorities have overwhelmed me as of late and I have had to continuously push the editing back.

A big part of me want to just book a cruise ship or something, take the laptop and just get away to get it DONE, but alas… now is not that time.

I’ll ping here when I’ve got a better idea!

Have a great rest of the winter, folks!

Writing Break: Thanks to Wookieepedia

I would like to take a moment and recognize Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki.

They have been a DAILY reference for me. Not a single day of writing this November has gone by without me having at LEAST 5 browser tabs open. It truly has allowed me to take a fairly limited story and immerse it into the larger expanded universe, adding little tie ins all over the place. It has made writing as exciting as I hope reading it will eventually be- so

Writing Break: George Lucas still believes Greedo shot first (But I don’t)

In a new profile, the famous director discusses the notorious shootout and explains why he’ll be watching “The Force Awakens” after taking “a deep breath.”

Source: George Lucas still believes Greedo shot first – CNET

Don’t you worry folks. While I see his point- I’m writing a character (Gorono Haltana) that absolutely shoots the bad guy first.

And when Han Solo does make the occasional cameo (and, he does)- Sorry, George.  But he’s the 1977 Han not the 1997 Han.

Interestingly enough, I happened to write a kind of cameo today where a character asks Gorono if Han is ‘available’. When I saw this headline, I just had to share!

I think Leia would not like Han at all if he wasn’t so rough around the edges, for the record…



It was a last minute sprint to 50,000 words, but I made it!

I have to confess that a good 15,000 words will actually end up in Part I, which means a lot of work ahead for both editing that and completing Part II.

Looks like we’ll have a busy 2016 until we start writing Part III next November!!!

Writing Break: Gorono’s Theme Music

I’m beginning writing a near-impossible scene.

Our hero, A-Wing pilot Gorono Haltana, is engaged with 40 (as in Forty) TIE fighters in an effort to allow a fellow pilot to escape.

Sometimes, John Williams just doesn’t cut it. Someday, I would love to be able to animate the scene, and the theme music?

I would have to say it should be…. THIS:

As an interesting aside- I actually began composing a theme to Avenger Alliance way back in 1997 using Cakewalk Pro. If I ever find that beautifully cheesy MIDI soundtrack again, I may just have to take a stab at an update. For now… this will do just fine🙂