NoMo NaNoWriMo 2016 :-(

Well folks- this is not a happy update, but one I think I have to call at this point.

I’m aborting my attempt at writing Volume III for NaNoWriMo 2016. Here it is November 9th and I’m barely up to 2000 words. At some point I have to be realistic. But that’s not a quality update. Hopefully what follows will be.

Why Volume III Will Need To Wait… You know, more…

  • First and foremost- my stress level is off the charts. I run a small IT consulting company and am quite literally balancing two clients from every single time zone this month. I just can’t add another deadline on and hope not to service my customers, some of whom are already waiting for other writings from me. Though November always seems to be very busy for me, this year is at least 1.6 times moreso if my projected schedule is accurate.
  • My eyes hurt. Staring at the screen for this long, even with the advanced eyewear I have (seriously- I use the Gunnar Optics SheaDogs. These things have added at least 2 hrs of screen time per day: Buy on Amazon )
    I still need to call it quits after 13-14 hr days.
  • My creative energy is not good. It’s not word quality or writing quality… I just can’t seem to focus my mind outside of other things right now. Nearly everything I have written so far this year is going to get thrown out and re-done.
  • My wife would like to see me… you know, sometime. These last few months have been really rough for us. We just moved to a new place and everything is- well, everywhere.
  • House Projects before the cold of December. Speaking of moving- there are some projects that didn’t get done this fall due to me recovering from a sprained ankle. Projects that I really need to get finished before it gets cold. That and with some extended time away from the house coming- I just can’t put it off.

What I’ll be Doing Instead

As implied pretty heavily above… All the Above Stuff I’m Neglecting. But I feel like I should at least do some things for the story in honor of the month…

  • Editing Vol I. It pains me that I haven’t actually finished Volume I of this story and have been working on Vol. II and now III. I feel like some people probably believe at this point that the story is in and of itself fiction- as in it doesn’t actually exist.
  • Gathering Beta Readers. I have most of my Alpha team assembled- but Beta readers are going to be needed too. I’m new at this- but I’ll be putting together an email list soon.
  • Gathering Interested Readers. Eventually I’m going to set a release date. But what good is that if noone knows it? I’ll be starting a mailing list – but feel free to click on “Join the Alliance” for now to keep getting updates.
  • Legal Stuff. I have no plans to get sued for a work of fan fiction I intend to give away. So before release, there’s some research that needs to be done.
  • Outlining Vol II and III. I’ve been a ‘pantser’ so far, but what I’m finding is that it isn’t working. I’m leaving loose ends all over the galaxy! So- I’ll be spending some time in November working on structure and outlining what is going to happen!
  • Reading. I have not been reading. I spend my time working, and now writing… it really bums me out!

My Promise To You

Look, I don’t want to keep stringing people along like this.

So my promise is to have an Alpha release of Vol. I out by the end of November.

Beta will be January, 2017.

Tentative Release… May 4th, 2017


So- sorry if I let anyone down with this; but I just feel like it’s what needs to happen!

I really appreciate your continued words of encouragement and seriously can’t wait to share this story with you. The other day I was trying to find something in Volume II and found myself just… reading. Reading with a huge smile on my face. I really think Star Wars fans are going to love this.

Sorry NaNoWriMo! Next year!



Update and Writing Break: Where Did I Leave Off (and Hoshino)

Life has been too busy for me to start writing until today.

My other challenge is “Okay… where did I leave off?”

Where I Left Off

That’s a big challenge. The way the Avenger Alliance ‘series’ is playing out in my writing in the NaNoWriMo style (50,000 words in the month of November) is that I’ll have ideas mid-stream or find gaps that don’t fit well into the current story without explaining beforehand.

In 2016 I’ve gone back and re-ordered tons of material written in 2015 into what was written in 2014, and vice versa. For NaNoWriMo 2016 I now have a heavy challenge ahead of me…

Where did I leave off? In one fragment, Gorono is facing off against an Imperial Star Destroyer. In another, his prototype A-Wing is… well, prototype-y. The other is a twist so gut wrenching I can’t discuss it here – it was hard to write and I don’t want to do anything to give it away. Worse- it’s been months since I looked at it.

The anxiety of doing 50,000 words when I’ve not even actually started my Scrivener file yet and… it’s already day five… and knowing what I’ll have to do this time and the time around the rest of my life… has me in a kind of soft panic.

Writing Break

Then of course the very friend that led the game that inspired the character of Gorono Haltana shared this video with me… 

So now I’m all sorts of distracted 😉

A Writing Style Question

I’m contemplating taking this and making it into a series of first person flashbacks. My usual style is third person omnipotent because I have always felt that reads better. I would love to hear your thoughts: When a story changes perspective do you find it enriches your view or is it distracting?

Okay- back to it… I am both excited and feeling dreadful. Hopefully jumping in will just get me so fired up I can’t stop myself! 0 of 50,000  … just an opportunity!

Beta Reader Program

Oh- and if you’re interested in becoming one of my beta readers- I do have one part of Gorono Haltana’s story just about ready for review – email me using the form below and I’ll get you on the list!

A Little Writing Music


About 16 years ago I recorded this little background track, intended for a coffee shop website.

I called it Chai (tea). Though not Indian-sounding per se, I wanted to capture how it felt (to me) to relax with a cup of nice warm Chai.

Feel free to use this in your writing if you are doing NaNoWriMo this month!

Good luck, and may the Chai be with you 😉

NaNoWriMo 2016 in the Midst of Chaos

Life, as it turns out, is chaotic.

How I will balance working 60+ hr weeks and writing 50,000 words this year I’m not sure but…


Today I’m announcing that I’ll be working on the next and probably last chapter of the adventures of Gorono Haltana. If you are a NaNoWriMo participant, you can track my progress at

Originally, my plan was to release 3 novels, though to be honest the writing has not actually gone that way. I’ve actually ended up writing in almost a ‘flashback’ kind of style that tells the story of one novel in the middle of writing another. I suppose it’s just part of me learning, but it has also kept me from final editing!

So- My goal this year is to at least get 50,000 words worth of the close of this saga, and hope to fill in the rest later.

I’m curious, however… since this is a work of fan fiction and can’t be published traditionally- how would YOU like to get it?

I can think of three options:

  1. Emailed ‘serials’ that tell the story over a length of time. The emails would contain links and the archive of the story parts as they are released.
  2. A full pdf or epub download
  3. Distributed on a site like

Let me know in the comments what you think, and WISH ME LUCK!

If you feel like supporting my efforts you can buy me some Happy Belly coffee. Or just buy yourself some at Amazon and support me financially in the process!

Awkward Family Photos- Solo Edition

Now I can’t take credit for this, and I can’t find who actually took this press shot from way back in the day and added a touch of brilliance to it… but for all to enjoy:


I’m going to to ahead and say- Carrie Fisher- you are beautiful 🙂 Her smile sells this as the family photo in my mind!

Anyway- my apologies for not getting a release timeline for the novel(s)- my paying priorities have overwhelmed me as of late and I have had to continuously push the editing back.

A big part of me want to just book a cruise ship or something, take the laptop and just get away to get it DONE, but alas… now is not that time.

I’ll ping here when I’ve got a better idea!

Have a great rest of the winter, folks!