NaNoWriMo 2016 in the Midst of Chaos


Life, as it turns out, is chaotic.

How I will balance working 60+ hr weeks and writing 50,000 words this year I’m not sure but…


Today I’m announcing that I’ll be working on the next and probably last chapter of the adventures of Gorono Haltana. If you are a NaNoWriMo participant, you can track my progress at

Originally, my plan was to release 3 novels, though to be honest the writing has not actually gone that way. I’ve actually ended up writing in almost a ‘flashback’ kind of style that tells the story of one novel in the middle of writing another. I suppose it’s just part of me learning, but it has also kept me from final editing!

So- My goal this year is to at least get 50,000 words worth of the close of this saga, and hope to fill in the rest later.

I’m curious, however… since this is a work of fan fiction and can’t be published traditionally- how would YOU like to get it?

I can think of three options:

  1. Emailed ‘serials’ that tell the story over a length of time. The emails would contain links and the archive of the story parts as they are released.
  2. A full pdf or epub download
  3. Distributed on a site like

Let me know in the comments what you think, and WISH ME LUCK!

If you feel like supporting my efforts you can buy me some Happy Belly coffee. Or just buy yourself some at Amazon and support me financially in the process!

Awkward Family Photos- Solo Edition

Now I can’t take credit for this, and I can’t find who actually took this press shot from way back in the day and added a touch of brilliance to it… but for all to enjoy:


I’m going to to ahead and say- Carrie Fisher- you are beautiful :-) Her smile sells this as the family photo in my mind!

Anyway- my apologies for not getting a release timeline for the novel(s)- my paying priorities have overwhelmed me as of late and I have had to continuously push the editing back.

A big part of me want to just book a cruise ship or something, take the laptop and just get away to get it DONE, but alas… now is not that time.

I’ll ping here when I’ve got a better idea!

Have a great rest of the winter, folks!

Writing Break: Thanks to Wookieepedia

I would like to take a moment and recognize Wookieepedia, the Star Wars Wiki.

They have been a DAILY reference for me. Not a single day of writing this November has gone by without me having at LEAST 5 browser tabs open. It truly has allowed me to take a fairly limited story and immerse it into the larger expanded universe, adding little tie ins all over the place. It has made writing as exciting as I hope reading it will eventually be- so

Writing Break: George Lucas still believes Greedo shot first (But I don’t)

In a new profile, the famous director discusses the notorious shootout and explains why he’ll be watching “The Force Awakens” after taking “a deep breath.”

Source: George Lucas still believes Greedo shot first – CNET

Don’t you worry folks. While I see his point- I’m writing a character (Gorono Haltana) that absolutely shoots the bad guy first.

And when Han Solo does make the occasional cameo (and, he does)- Sorry, George.  But he’s the 1977 Han not the 1997 Han.

Interestingly enough, I happened to write a kind of cameo today where a character asks Gorono if Han is ‘available’. When I saw this headline, I just had to share!

I think Leia would not like Han at all if he wasn’t so rough around the edges, for the record…



It was a last minute sprint to 50,000 words, but I made it!

I have to confess that a good 15,000 words will actually end up in Part I, which means a lot of work ahead for both editing that and completing Part II.

Looks like we’ll have a busy 2016 until we start writing Part III next November!!!